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Classic - Ideal coaching resource with adults. Business based with wider application. Whole type descriptions include communication and leadership styles, teams, change,challenges, relaxation and parenting. The Type Trilogy – Co-authored with Susan Nash. Taking your Type knowledge and coaching to a deeper level using Temperament, Interaction Styles and Cognitive Processes. With Unique symbols to facilitate learning. Type for Teens – Ideal for coaching teens, however, the type descriptions suit all ages and include: Who am I? What I’m good at? What I may need help with? What’s important at home, for study and with friendships?
Includes: e-Guidebook with full instructions on how to use the cards Includes: 126 page colour e-Guidebook, with a focus on enhancing coaching skills Includes: Colour e-Guidebook with notes on teaching and learning styles
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All sets now include cards which link personality to career direction


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What is included with each set of cards?

The Personality Puzzle Card Set

The Personality Puzzle – Classic is a set of 22 cards and an e-Guidebook

  • Cards which describe the 8 preferences
  • Cards which have the 16 whole type descriptions
  • Careers cards which link Type to key skills and career direction – ideal for careers coaching
  • Learning environment cards – ideal for educators to assess learning needs for each Type
  • The Guidebook contains information on how to use the cards, dominant functions, type dynamics, coaching questions and much more


The Personality Puzzle -Type for Teens is aimed at a younger audience but, in fact, is enjoyed by all ages. All the above are also  included.

The accompanying e-Guidebook contains the above information plus a focus on teaching and learning styles.


The Type Trilogy is based on Linda Berens Integral Type approach  using a combination of Temperament, Interaction Styles and Cognitive Processes.

There are 26 cards in total:

  • 4 Temperament cards
  • 4 Interaction Styles cards
  • 8 Cognitive Processes cards
  • 4 profile cards, linking all the above with MBTI 4 letter code
  • 4 Careers cards which link Type to key skills and career direction – ideal for careers coaching (based on Temperament)
  • 4 Learning environment cards – ideal for educators to assess learning needs for each Type (based on Temperament)

The 12 page e-Guidebook is an excellent accompaniment written by Susan Nash. It gives in-depth insights into each of these lenses and how to coach with each one, taking one’s own preferences and those of your clients into account. With hundreds of coaching tips, this is a very worthwhile supplement to the cards which will help you use the product to its full potential.

This product can complement the other puzzles or be used in its right.

All the puzzles are perfect for anyone involved in coaching at any level. Which one you use depends on the context: business coaching, counselling, family therapy or working with youth and whether you are using the Myers-Briggs model or Linda Berens Integral Type.

For more information on Integral Type please go to

Foe more information and dozens of additional resources please go to Susan Nash’s web site at


The symbols are very important. They represent each of the eight type preferences and allow immediate connection with the descriptions of each one.

The 16 Type Descriptions

ENTJThe 16 type descriptions are concise, insightful and thought provoking.

The headings which describe the whole types have been specifically chosen to cover the key issues in management training:

  • communication
  • working in teams
  • change
  • leadership

These are balanced with the more personal aspects:

  • preferred learning environment
  • parenting style
  • relaxation

The challenges cover both work and life issues. This gives the professional the opportunity to take a holistic approach and enables the product to be valuable in both a corporate and general setting.

Type for Teens

Types for TeensThe headings on these cards have been specifically chosen to cover the key areas if interest and/or concern for teenagers:

  • Who am I?
  • I enjoy…
  • I am good at…
  • I may be upset by…
  • I may need help with…
  • What’s important to me?
  • At home
  • As a student
  • With friends
  • Relationships

Client participation and interaction

Using the cards provides a visual focal point which promotes in-depth discussion.
You will enjoy the depth and value of conversations which ensue; they are meaningful and frequently life changing. In a very simple way the cards create an environment where people can discover things about themselves that they never knew. The reward is in the many ‘aha’ moments!
Personality PuzzlesPersonality PuzzlesPersonality Puzzles